“The world is a fine place and worth the fighting for”



Tannery Tolio is particularly attentive and sensitive to environmental issues and is committed every day to adopt strategies to improve results in the field of environmental protection and management.

The concrete commitment, constant and continuous in managing water and energy resource that is crucial, paying great attention to reducing waste and increasing where possible the use of renewable energy sources.

All production processes are aimed at reducing environmental impacts, preventing possible accidents, safeguard health and safety.


Consumer protection

Today the concept of quality, both aesthetic and functional, has changed, moving from a quality dictated by the product, to a quality dictated by the market.

Following this important guideline of modern times, Tannery Tolio actively collaborates with some of the luxury brand in order to get to a ''global compliance”.

The end customer becomes an integral part of the heritage of the entire chain, and therefore to be protected, wherever in the world he is located.

From here the commitment to ensure raw material fulfilling all the requirements and meets all the checks required by the regulations of individual states, increasing over time the ethical responsibility that has always been part of the history of Tannery Tolio.