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A production careful and scrupulous

Tannery Tolio

boasts a 'full cycle' production plant that spans the entire treatment process from the beginning with raw hides and skins, to the finish products.
Tannery Tolio has a complete range of leather for shoes, leather goods (cows, bulls and calves) and for furniture (bulls, cows and calves) . We carefully make all step of production transforming raw hides until they reach the optimal condition for the final use required. We take care of the processus from the choice of raw materials, carefully selected from the best producers of Italian and European leather, to the tanning stages intervening on collagen structures of the skin to get variations of softness, strength, degree of fullness, softness, touch ..

Highly skilled technicians

follow every stage of the transformation of hides with care, sensitivity and flexibility to the increasingly specific needs of our customers.
Cutting-edge technology to ensure innovation in the product, but also constancy and regularity in the performance of the production, all this means that Tolio Tannery is a reliable partner for the most suitable interpretation of the stylistic choices.

The whole production method

and procedures are formalized and managed through a Quality Management System conforming to ISO9001 (SGS cert. N. IT00/0426).
Quality control is carried out at specific points during the production cycle as well as at the end of production in order to guarantee conformity of the characteristics of our products.