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Tannery Tolio boasts a 'full cycle' production plant that spans the entire
treatment process from the beginning with raw hides and skins, to the finish

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UNIC Corporate video

Concerie Italiane

"Beauty. We have decided to be devoted to them, as slaves, and this choice has made us incredibly free ". The voice of Ricky Tognazzi accompany us on a journey that, from Pompei to the present, tells the excellence of Italian tanning art. I come from, is a short film produced by UNIC (Unione Nazionale Industria Conciaria) and Lineapelle, and tells about the origins of the tannery, since in the Middle Ages, through the guilds of trades, very high levels are reached. "Italian leather is a quality product - explains Fulvia Bacchi, head of UNIC -, with an unparalleled value, both functional and aesthetic, rooted in local values and able to win over consumers and producers".