Tolio tannery was founded in 1962 by Mario Tolio, the current President of the Company, and it is located in Chiampo (VI), in the tanning excellence district specialized in the treatment of bovine leather.

Mario Tolio had an entrepreneurial vision of tanning, in fact its ambitious plan was to get a production at 'full cycle', collecting and structuring all those operations that were carried out in an almost artisan in the area in a single production site, by treating the skins raw state to the final stage, in order to provide a finished product, suitable for all the various needs of customers.



The company is characterized over the years by continuous investments in technology and skills, and to formalize its growth path in 1985 became in a joint stock company.

In the 90 Stephen and Monica, Mario's sons, join the organization, and give further impetus to the development of the company, dealing, respectively, of commercial and administrative dpt.

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In 2003 Tannery Tolio gains a new important result, extending its productive capacity up to 20 thousand square meters with the addition of a department dedicated to the finishing, this in order to respond even more promptly to customer requirements and produce exclusive and personalized items based on different needs.



In the 2012 an important milestone, the first 50 years of Tannery Tolio!

Today Tannery Tolio produces a range of finished leather for shoes and leather goods, and furniture, with variable thicknesses ranging from 0.6 mm to 3.5 mm, linking its name to successful brands.

As always remember Mario Tolio, 'reports and opinions of our stakeholders, be they customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders or representatives of the social context, they are our heritage. Our company exists only thanks to these and, for our part, only the respect of their expectations can allow us to grow '.